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Our methodology

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Attenzo can come at your place (within Greece) and record your web site needs. The steps that are followed are the following:

  1. We perform market research in your area of activities. We combine the results of the research with your own aspirations and we propose to you the best content for your web site and also a domain name for it.
  2. We register your domain name or we transfer it from your previous registrar –if there is one- without any cost for you. Every registration is performed under your name so that you are the owner of your domain name.
  3. After the basic features of your website have been determined, we design and develop an initial version which you can see on-line in a temporary Attenzo domain.
  4. At this point you can make your comments and ask for changes either in the artistic part or the layout of the web page. Furthermore, you provide us the pictures and texts you wish to have in your web site.
  5. We perform the requested changes and we insert your content to the temporary domain.
  6. If the web site is an e-shop we communicate with your bank (within Greece) so we can link it to your e-shop for credit card payments. If your company is abroad then you can receive credit card payments via Paypal .
  7. If there are no more comments from your side, the site is uploaded in your official domain which we have already registered in step 2.
  8. If the web site is a dynamic web site, we provide training on the way you can manage and update its content.
  9. We propose to you Internet Marketing methods for your website promotion.


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AttenzoAttenzo is a group of professionals working in the field of IT since 1999. Our primary aim is to constantly be close to our clients and to develop solutions that fully meet their needs, while keeping our prices low.

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