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Livetube Player

Web application for managing videos and conducting live events, for the DJ's of It can be used by non-DJ users as well.

Public Features:

  • YouTube display and playback through a flexible user interface
  • Search YouTube using multiple criteria and see the results as a common list
  • YouTube Playlist support - watch any public playlist by supplying a Google username
  • Full Screen playback support
  • Publish videos to Facebook and Twitter - one click publish
  • support - search using multiple criteria. See videos from multiple results as a common playlist

DJ's only additional features (for approved DJs):

  • Manage your event's videos through a friendly and flexible user interface
  • Create video queues for quick and automatic publishing of videos to your events
  • SMS and Web based comments support - manage comments sent by your viewers and reply back through SMS or on your event.
  • Custom style for the video player of the event. Player is available as a:

  • Desktop application
  • Web application

Cost: Free

Technologies: Adobe Flex, Adobe Air, Adobe Livecycle, Spring Java Framework

Official website:

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