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ESPA programs 2014-2020

ΕΣΠΑOn July 17, 2014 the new Operational Programmes for the Development Framework (ESPA) 2014-2020 were officially submitted by the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness of Greece in the European Commission.

The priorities supported by the new ESPA regarding businesses is to enhance the competitiveness and extroversion.

In this context, Attenzo can provide innovative web development services, e-shop, software, mobile applications, web marketing / advertising and promotion services through bulk sms and e-mail.

If you wish to take part in a subsidized program NSRF, the Attenzo with its experience of previous submissions will actively participate by providing the following:

  • During submission of application: Technical study, creating templates and mockups.
  • After grant approval: Design and implementation of the project and compliance with the requirements of the proposal.

Please contact us for more information.

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