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Funky Gourmet - The Restaurant

The website of Funky Gourmet was redesigned! Enjoy the renewed site of the Michelin star awarded restaurant in Kerameikos by talented chefs Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nikos Russos.


Technologies: php, mysql, Responsive design

Languages: Greek, English




Subsidized programs


Attenzo is involved in submitting proposals under subsidized programs (e.g. ESPA).

  • During submission of application: Technical study, creating templates and mockups.
  • After grant approval: Design and implementation of the project and compliance with the requirements of the proposal.



About us

AttenzoAttenzo is a group of professionals working in the field of IT since 1999. Our primary aim is to constantly be close to our clients and to develop solutions that fully meet their needs, while keeping our prices low.

Contact details

  • +30 210 6105813